Submission Preparation Checklist

Submission Preparation Checklist 
Authors must pay attention to the following before submitting articles to Jurnal Pendidikan & Pengajaran (JUPE2):
1. The manuscript is the work of the author himself, free from duplication, fabrication, forgery and plagiarism
2. The manuscript has followed the guidelines and templates for writing articles in Jurnal Pendidikan & Pengajaran (JUPE2)
3. Reference is made only to sources referred to in the text
4. Citations and reference writing are managed using a Reference Manager (Mendeley or other)
5. The author will not submit this article to other journals unless it is stated 'rejected' in Jurnal Pendidikan & Pengajaran (JUPE2)
6. The author is willing to do correspondence properly, responsively, and ethically.
7. Similarity of at least ≤20% using Ithenticate or Turnitin
8. Authors are not allowed to withdraw the submitted manuscript.