About the Journal

Journal of Health Innovation and Community Services (JHICS) is a publication media for various academic activities in the field of public health that carry out intervention activities to the community or institutions in the community related to the field of public health. Public health is a discipline consisting of promotive, preventive, rehabilitation and advocacy activities to improve the welfare of the community at large. Interventions that can be in the form of community participation and collaboration towards efforts to improve community health and welfare. Interventions are carried out through various innovative approaches with the embodiment of public health academic and technological approaches that can be adopted by the people involved. It is hoped that these interventions will continue to work to achieve independence in improving the health and welfare of the community.

Journal Description

Journal title  : Journal Of Health Innovation and Community Services
Initials  : JHICS
Frequency  : 2 issues per year (April and October)
Prefiks DOI  : 10.54832 crossref3 
Online ISSN  : 2830-7828
Editor In Chief  : Ns. Rudiyanto, M. Kep 
Publisher  : LPPPM STIKES Banyuwangi

Current Issue

Vol. 3 No. 1 (2024): Journal of Health Innovation and Community Services
Published: 2024-04-17


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